Hare Krishna Lotus Temple

Something about needing to photoshop and not having the energy... Yeah.


Commission for Rochelle; Silk Flowers

Ok. Disclaimer. Those green branches of leaves there, I didn't do that. Rochelle rearranged them. Next time I see her, we will be having a discussion about Design Theory and also buying one or two more stems of greenery to complete the design.


Frisco, UT

A typical mining town at the foot of the San Fransisco mountain was fed by the fabulously rich Horn Silver Mine. By 1885 over 160,000,000 in zinc, copper, silver, lead, and gold were hauled away by mule train and the Utah Central Railroad. Water was shipped in as well as all supplies. Then the mine caved and people moved away, leaving only a few families of the 4,000 population to maintain their homes, stores, school, and church. By the 1920's only memories and the shifting sands were left.